I’ve been playing music for as long as i can remember. After initially learning a bit of piano and trying to hit tambourines in time throughout primary school I picked up saxophone at the age of 11. This was my first serious involvement with music, playing in multiple bands (Southampton Youth Jazz Orchestra, big bands, jazz quartets and various other similar ensembles). Alongside that I played guitar and sang for a few rock bands and did the usual thing of jumping around like a sweaty lunatic.

When I was about 17 I was introduced to Cubase and the idea of making music on computers, and that pretty much changed the course of my musical interests.  Not long after that I moved to London at which point Dubstep was kicking off in a massive way, so I started to make beats and find my own sound. During this time I studied Creative Music and Technology at Brunel University and released and album through Acroplane entitled Illeism. Not long after that the excellent (now sadly retired) label Broken Bubble released Aber EP and the Rascality EP. They gave me the opportunity to delve in to mastering, working on a lot of their releases up until they closed shop.

I then went on to study a Masters Degree in Contemporary Music and at the same time got connected to Wonk#ay Records who released the Wokka Wokka EP. We played a lot of parties together as a crew and I got the opportunity to hone my skills as a DJ (and as a producer of dancefloor music). After featuring more tracks on their compilations I released the Baphomet EP laying down my take on Neurohop and diving head first in to Neuro production.

Throughout this time I had started to gain experience in music production tuition, initially working for a time at London based school Music Everything. I then began to pick up more students on a freelance basis, focussing specifically on Ableton Live (my DAW of choice). I also set myself up as a freelance mastering engineer, taking jobs from labels and producers alike. This has been going on for about 5 years now and I’ve mastered hundreds of tracks in a myriad of styles.

And that brings us up to now (more or less!). I’m mastering tracks on a regular basis and teaching Ableton Live. I’m currently still producing and releasing occasional tracks as Duskky, but I’m also working on a new project which is still under wraps, so keep your eyes and ears peeled.

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