Mastering & Ableton Live Tutorials

I cover Mastering, Mixdowns and Ableton Live Teaching. Scroll down the page to find out everything you need to know.


Mastering is that necessary final stage, the polish that is required to make your recording ready for public release and consumption. The idea is not to change your recording, but to enhance it, allowing it to have maximum impact on the audience. Different kinds of music have different requirements – a dance tune will need to sound good on a big full-range soundsystem whereas a recording of a folk act is more likely to be heard on a hi-fi or headphones. When mastering I aim to be as sensitive as possible to the artists original intentions. I want to make your music as effective as possible at point of delivery, and stand up well next to the recordings of your contemporaries.

Over the past five years I’ve been doing mastering and mixdown work for a number of labels and individual producers. I’m primarily focussed on electronic dance music but have worked with bands, solo performers, noise and drone artists and much more. The primary goal is for your music to sound competitive and to acheive its maximum potential.

Mastering rates:

1 Track – £25
2 Tracks – £50
3 Tracks – £70
4 Tracks – £90
5 Tracks – £105

Mixdown Rates:

£60 per track
£75 for mixdown and master
Email me at and we can talk more in depth about technical requirements and rates for larger jobs.


Mc Xander
“Sandy has golden ears. He is able to pick out and improve many small details that, when added up, significantly improve the clarity and transferability of the sound. He can also make it LOUD while preserving the dynamics of the given music. Will definitely be using his expertise again.”

Chris Duffer – 140 Ninja 
“Sandy’s mastering skills are spot on, he works with devoted attention to the fine tuning of the track to ensure that both the artist is happy and the music is perfectly in line with the EP, LP or  indeed theme”

Robin Price – crx091081GB
“Sandy’s a real pleasure to work with, he added the polish I was looking for without crushing any of the dynamics in my mix. His ability to turn tracks around quickly and take note of requests made for an easier, higher quality release that I was really happy with.”

Ivo Beckett – Wifey
SF Mastering delivers 3 three stage plan delivering amazing feedback along the way, SF Mastering will master your tack to you own  personal preference and deliver a very unique style, whether that be punchiness, high and low frequencies or overall volume, SF Mastering always succeeds to amaze me. 

Tom / Oddfellow – Mostly Allsorts
Working with Sandy (well, not really working with him, that gives me too much credit) was an absolute joy. He’s an excellent Mastering Maestro / Good Bloke combo, so communicating with him was always fun. He made it clear that he would only be happy with the end result, when myself or those who created the tunes were happy. This took off a lot of stress as I’m a massive stress-head anyway….
Would recommend his services to anyone or everyone!”

Andy Gladwell – Bird Noir
“I contacted Sandy to master our tracks because I was always impressed at the high quality of his output – both individual and client work. Throughout the mastering process he was sensitive to our wishes and made absolutely sure that we were happy with the final masters. His friendly approach made the whole experience stress-free and resulted in some brilliant sounding masters of our songs! If you are seeking an independent mastering engineer cannot recommend his services enough.”




I also teach Ableton Live which I’ve been using extensively (i.e. daily) for the past 5 years. I focus mainly on teaching more advanced techniques and therefore work with producers who have been making tracks for a few years but feel like there are some holes in their knowledge. This could be anything from working with a particular synth, mixdown technique, programming interesting rhythms or anything else you feel is letting your music down.

I mainly conduct these tutorials over Skype. This means that wherever you are in the world I’m available. The whole lesson is recorded as a video screengrab meaning you can go back through it at your own leisure and go back over whatever you need to. This means you’re walking away with your own custom tutorial video!

My usual rate for the tutorials is £50 per hour, and I recommend 2 hour lessons to make sure we can cover a decent amount of material. I can be flexible though so please email and we can discuss further.

Sandy has a knack for breaking down complex obstacles into clean-cut principals. No matter what your skill level or area of interest you’ll walk away from every session with a stronger understanding of the core fundamentals and how to apply them to production.

Tom Ryan
“Sandy’s extensive knowledge of production was matched with an even greater enthusiasm to teach. His tutoring applies to all learning levels and styles, highly recommended.”