Ableton Live Tutorials


I teach Ableton Live which I’ve been using extensively (i.e. daily) for the past 5 years, as well as spending the previous 5 years with Logic and Cubase. I focus mainly on teaching more advanced techniques, working with producers who have been making tracks for a few years but feel like there are some holes in their knowledge. This could be anything from working with a particular synth, mixdown technique, programming interesting rhythms or anything else you feel is letting your music down.

I mainly conduct these tutorials over Skype. This means that wherever you are in the world I’m available. The whole lesson is recorded as a video screengrab meaning you can go back through it at your own leisure and go back over whatever you need to. This means you’re walking away with your own custom tutorial video!

My usual rate for the tutorials is £50 per hour, and I recommend 2 hour lessons to make sure we can cover a decent amount of material. I can be flexible though so please email and we can discuss further.

Part of my work is to create tutorial videos for the Prime Loops website and Youtube channel. These tend to be genre specific tutorials using certain synths or techniques. The following video is the first part in a 3 part series called “Making Future Bass With Serum”, and you can find the full series plus written step-by step guide HERE. When it comes to one-on-one tutorials you will get a far more in depth lesson tailored to your need, but this gives you an idea of my work.


“Sandy has a knack for breaking down complex obstacles into clean-cut principals. No matter what your skill level or area of interest you’ll walk away from every session with a stronger understanding of the core fundamentals and how to apply them to production.”

Tom Ryan
“Sandy’s extensive knowledge of production was matched with an even greater enthusiasm to teach. His tutoring applies to all learning levels and styles, highly recommended.”


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