Duskky – Aber EP released on Broken Bubble

My lastest EP under the name Duskky has been released through the fledgling EDM label Broken Bubble. It features four tracks, plus a bonus one if you buy the whole thing off the Bandcamp page. I’ve been wanting to get some of these tracks out for a while, and after much discussion with label boss Cogidubnus I think we ended up with a pretty coherent track listing, which is as follows:

1. Zebra
2. Unterseeboot
3. Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder
4. Nephilim (feat. Anthony Kangaris)
5. [bonus bandcamp track]

It’s (well) worth mentioning that the vocals on Nephilim are taken from a piece composed, performed and recorded by Anthony Kangaris named “Boring World”, featuring multi-tracked vocals at their best! Check out the original here. To date we’ve worked on one other track together, which turned out more like a journey though about five different tracks, called XIII. Check that out on Soundcloud too!

At £4 for the lot this EP’s an absolute steal and we get a bit more of the money if you get it from Bandcamp, so go check it out and grab your copy!!

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