‘Distance’ featured on Universus III: A Post-Dubstep Affair

Circuitree Records just released their third installment of the Unviersus series which has seen the likes of Luke Vibert, Jimmy Edgar and Akira Kiteshi doing what they do best. I’ve know Circuitree boss Panther God for a little while now after he spent a few months in the UK last year (and even joined us for a memorable night at the Rhythm Factory). For Universus III he’s picked an excellent selection of music from around the globe, including many Broken Bubble and Mothers Against Noise artists. Best of all it’s FREE (or pay what you like) so no excuse not to grab a copy! Tracklisting is as follows:

1.Glenn Astro – Luv Iz Gone
2.Knobgoblin – Ghosts
3.Aligning Minds – Deep Trench
4.Duskky – Distance
5.Hurtdeer – Yell Curious
6.Axiom Crux – Seuture
7.Fedbymachines – Reflections
8.The State Of – Anything For You (Kentsoundz Remix)
9.Cogidubnus – Quarterlight
10.Panther God – Gene Pool
11.The Pearl – FishDish
12.Hydroplane – Manit
13.Second Line – Hush

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