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SF Audio Mastering

Mastering is that necessary final stage, the polish that is required to make your recording ready for public release and consumption. The idea is not to change your recording, but to enhance it, allowing it to have maximum impact on the audience. Different kinds of music have different requirements – a dance tune will need to sound good on a big full-range soundsystem whereas a recording of a folk act is more likely to be heard on a hi-fi or ipod. When mastering I aim to be as sensitive as possible to the artists original intentions. I want to make your music as effective as possible at point of delivery, and stand up well next to the recordings of your contemporaries.

Over the past three years I’ve been doing an increasing amount of Audio Mastering work, both for Electronic Dance Music and more instrument driven/acoustic music. I’ve done a significant amount of the mastering for the UK label Broken Bubble, London Based acoustic trio Happy Mammoth and a range of other producers and musicians. Below you can find a few ‘before and after’ examples to give you an idea of how much of a difference the mastering process can make.

“Sandy has been providing Broken Bubble with professional-quality masters for over 18 months, always showing sensitivity and understanding fully how to get the best sound from what he’s given to work with. Without his skill and hard-work the label wouldn’t be where it is today and I have absolutely no hesitation in heartily recommending his services.”
Guy Thompson/Broken Bubble

“I’ve finally found a mastering engineer I can work with. Sandy is great at getting a professional sounding master back to you in a timely fashion, as well as adhering to any requests you may have in how your final track sounds. Sandy is very helpful throughout the process and has shown he can get the job done, no matter the style of music.” Revult

“I chose Sandy to master my tracks because I was very impressed with his repertoire and background electronic music. He has a meticulous approach to mastering, and was successful in identifying the mood and atmosphere that I was trying to convey. Having previously booked him to play sets, I knew that he would be reliable, and I got my mastered tracks back within a matter of days. Sandy provides a quality service at very reasonable prices.”

“Sandy Finlayson delivers both in terms of quality of mastering service and reliability – assets that have helped to build my label from the ground up.”
Alistair Read/The Bohemian Club

“Reliability and quality is a given working with Sandy…… an invaluable asset to our project, highly recommended” Dan/Circle Dot Audio

“Sandy mastered our entire EP in 2012. He did a great job that really enhanced the tracks and brought the finished product up to professional standard. Tailored to the style and very affordable.” Qtier

The files need to be in the following format:
24bit WAV 44.100khz with at least -3dbs of headroom

Currently mastering is done via the net (rather than booking sit in sessions).

1 Track – £25
2 Tracks – £50
3 Tracks – £70
4 Tracks – £90
5 Tracks – £105

(any additional tracks £15 each)

I also offer mixing services for the following prices:

1 Track – £90
2 Tracks – £170
3 Tracks – £240
4 Tracks – £300

Contact me for more details and rates for larger projects at:

mastering @

‘Kursa – Rare Candy (Duskky Remix)’ and ‘Wendigo’ released.

First up, my remix of Kursa’s ‘Rare Candy’ has been released on the ‘Rare Candy’EP. Featuring remixes from Teknian, MakO, Mouldy Soul and Davr this has turned into a fantastically varied EP, covering the groovier end of bass music at the moment.

Buy a copy by clicking on the picture below:

And second up is ‘Wendigo’ being released on the new Broken Bubble’s new compilation ‘Variety’. It’s a great compilation featuring a wide range of artists from Broken Bubble’s roster. I also did the mastering for this release.

Download a copy (pay-what-you-feel) by clicking the picture!

Duskky – ‘Wokka Wokka’ released!

A little slow getting this up here, but my new EP ‘Wokka Wokka’ was released on Wonk#ay Records on 21st May 2012. It’s a collection of four tunes that were written at around the same time, focussed on dancefloor energy and rhythmical fluidity. The awesome artwork you see above was made by Hurtdeer.

Here’s what Wonk#ay have to say about it:

“May we introduce Duskky’s WokkaWokka EP! Experimental bass junky coming from many a depth o genre to bring you some seriously banging mish mash dubfunk. His style is unique and not to be missed. Odd harmonical genius!
This is a must have for any collection. Download, Turn up the volumes, BANG IT OUT! Now don’t that feel good? :)”

Grab your FREE copy here:

‘Distance’ featured on Universus III: A Post-Dubstep Affair

Circuitree Records just released their third installment of the Unviersus series which has seen the likes of Luke Vibert, Jimmy Edgar and Akira Kiteshi doing what they do best. I’ve know Circuitree boss Panther God for a little while now after he spent a few months in the UK last year (and even joined us for a memorable night at the Rhythm Factory). For Universus III he’s picked an excellent selection of music from around the globe, including many Broken Bubble and Mothers Against Noise artists. Best of all it’s FREE (or pay what you like) so no excuse not to grab a copy! Tracklisting is as follows:

1.Glenn Astro – Luv Iz Gone
2.Knobgoblin – Ghosts
3.Aligning Minds – Deep Trench
4.Duskky – Distance
5.Hurtdeer – Yell Curious
6.Axiom Crux – Seuture
7.Fedbymachines – Reflections
8.The State Of – Anything For You (Kentsoundz Remix)
9.Cogidubnus – Quarterlight
10.Panther God – Gene Pool
11.The Pearl – FishDish
12.Hydroplane – Manit
13.Second Line – Hush

‘Say You’ Featured on the ‘Shaken’ Compilation & Duskky Joins Wonk#ay Records

A couple of days a go Wonk#ay Records released their first bass music compilation, ‘Shaken’. The reason I’m sticking it up here is because it features one of my more recent Duskky tunes, ‘Say You’ as the second track. The best part is that it’s completely free! I’ve also now joined the Wonk#ay crew so i’m going be making more live appearances alongside the rest of the gang this winter. I’ll have a page on their website when the new version is live, sometime in the not too distant future. Winner.

The track listing for ‘Shaken’ is as follows:

1. Hermit – Pontain
2. Duskky – Say You
3. ZenDeathSquad vs Roger – Superman Remix
4. Bunkle – Curly Fries
5. Kursa – Nanocluster
6. Coda – Pablo
7. Scamp – Frequency

Grab your free copy now!!!

Duskky – Aber EP released on Broken Bubble

My lastest EP under the name Duskky has been released through the fledgling EDM label Broken Bubble. It features four tracks, plus a bonus one if you buy the whole thing off the Bandcamp page. I’ve been wanting to get some of these tracks out for a while, and after much discussion with label boss Cogidubnus I think we ended up with a pretty coherent track listing, which is as follows:

1. Zebra
2. Unterseeboot
3. Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder
4. Nephilim (feat. Anthony Kangaris)
5. [bonus bandcamp track]

It’s (well) worth mentioning that the vocals on Nephilim are taken from a piece composed, performed and recorded by Anthony Kangaris named “Boring World”, featuring multi-tracked vocals at their best! Check out the original here. To date we’ve worked on one other track together, which turned out more like a journey though about five different tracks, called XIII. Check that out on Soundcloud too!

At £4 for the lot this EP’s an absolute steal and we get a bit more of the money if you get it from Bandcamp, so go check it out and grab your copy!!