A collaboration with McColl-Misme.

‘Beyond’ was a piece originally conceived by Anne-laure Misme as a way to explore spatial relationships, both between physical space such as buildings and between ourselves and the world around us. The piece took the format of an installation, with the video element projected onto a string of 6 hanging textiles. The sound was presented on a 4.1 channel system. The footage shows abandoned buildings with broken down walls creating unusual connections between initially separate spaces. A body is used as a mask, with the slow movements turning the result into an almost abstract experience, whilst retaining appealingly human gestures.

The sound was inspired by the imagined soundtrack of a decaying building, combined with the mechanical and construction sounds which have gone some way to put the building in that state. Since the video is very grayscale I wanted the sound to be quite cold and inhuman as well. The quadrophonic system then allowed me to place this soundscape around the audience to make them feel like they’re experiencing it from the inside.

Below is a short video excerpt of the piece:

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